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Abak in 5 months: Beyond Smear Propaganda and Reality – By Atuekong Paul Bassey

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The local government is regarded as the closest tier of government to the grassroots. Its performance and terms of service delivery have direct impact on the people. It is in recognition of this fact that deliberate efforts are made by the various state governments in the country to strengthen the dispensation of democratic dividends to the people at the grassroots.

Following the dissolution of the local government councils administration by Akwa Ibom State House of Assembly and subsequent inauguration of transition committee by His Excellency, Mr. Udom Emmanuel on 14th of July 2015, transition committee Chairmen were urged to prevent the vandalism of projects as well as the provision of social services such as rehabilitation of rural roads, primary health centres and rural electrification. This has come to a reality in Abak local government area. Being the seat of Government since 1902 after conquest war by British colonial masters, Abak became one of the parent local government areas in Akwa Ibom state and it has long witnessed tremendous developmental boost from various persons elected or appointed as the Chairman of the area.

Abak Transition Committee led by Hon. Dr. Emma Udosen, in a wonderful way recorded superb achievements to complement speedy developmental and industrialization pace of Governor Udom Emmanuel in the past five months.

Interacting with Ibommobile Media Crew, Hon. Dr. Emma Udosen said “I am the first if not the only transition chairman to start rehabilitating rural roads which have been moribund for several years from the security vote I receive.
“Some local government areas are having issues because they have allowed the youth to go astray despite being their pillar of support during election period. There is no time you come to the council headquarters that you will not see up to forty youth engaging in one thing or the other and at the end of the month are gainfully rewarded.

“I refuse to contract out revenue points to people because it would be run like a one-man business without employing the jobless youth, rather I engage over 200 youth in all the available points to go out and generate revenue at the sharing ratio of 40/60. That, to me, is empowerment and it has helped reduce crime in Abak.”

With such empowerment prowess channeled to energetic youth in Abak local government area, which has received accolades and vote of confidence from Market women, ward chairmen, youth leaders, etc, one will begin to see reasons why agents of character assassination and propaganda mongers are busy sponsoring publications on local tabloids to tarnish the goodwill and progress Abak has witnessed under Hon. Emma Udosen, who hasn’t publicly declare his future political ambition but has remain resolute and committed in providing social developmental amenities with the available resources.

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  1. can we stop calling the British “masters” it sounds like you were slaves, the appropriate term is administrators or invaders.

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