Nothing but insight could have prompted Tony Robbins to advance the position that “it is in our moments of decision that our destinies are shaped.” This leads logic to the consciousness that decision is the most pivotal action on the ladder of life. This reality stares us in the face at every breath, living us with an invigorated zest to not only pursue our dreams but also decide when to launch our flight to attain destiny.

Destiny often than not, has become a grossly misunderstood path to laziness employed by some in the disguise of waiting to accomplish it. This readily avails an excuse for failure, as a larger chunk would fly to its patronage rather than trace the missing links that could have landed them commendable fortune.

Unmistakably, like a coin there are two sides to destiny. This multiplicity of fate has left humanity more bruised, as men would readily blame ill-fated circumstances on others rather than learn the lesson it offers. Little wonder the misplaced thought line that puts experience as a better teacher, over wisdom.

Just then, one grows conscious that it was consoling to have the Holy Bible in Job 8 verse 7, prompt believers to the knowledge that “though your beginning be small, your later days shall greatly increase” making greatness a variable one consciously attains rather than born into, since it is neither transmitted nor acquired.

Everyone that ever succeeded in any life adventure kept a date with destiny; so also with those that failed, as destiny beyond the lessons it teaches, holds no better destination value except leading our lives along the paths we have chosen, preparing us for the fantasies and aspirations we hold as we voyage through live.

In all human consideration, nothing about destiny works more perfectly than timely preparation, which corroborates Abraham Lincoln when he said, “I will study and wait, someday my time will come.” This does not only agree to patience as virtuous, but points to the lack of it as a calamity the human race should eschew.

The attitude one exudes while waiting is as important as the result he desires; in preparing and waiting one must be conscious that direction is better than speed, to keep from speedily heading the wrong lane of life. You undoubtedly must be well positioned and on the right side of history to have the smiling side of destiny’s coin lie up in your toss.

Like the phrase, “cometh the hour cometh the man” destiny at the right hour and space has evoked a history that would set a new narrative in the affairs of men. One considered the least has become great and like David, divinity has chosen another.

Born My 28, 1974, as Elder/Deaconess Isaiah William’s fifth child, Elder (Barr) Imo Williams is on a flight with destiny as he awaits the peoples’ endorsement as Executive Chairman of Abak Local Government Area, having emerged victorious to fly the flag of the People Democratic Party for the December 2 Local Government council elections.

Through his conviction in life’s principle of hardwork and dedication Barr. Imoh Williams climbed the rungs of excellence by a conscious effort to obtain good education wth a good start from St. Annes (RCM) Primary School, Afaha Obong, up to the Samuel Bill Theological College, Abak, where he earned for himself the seal of basic education.

Undaunted even by misfortunes of life, Barr. Williams advanced his net to track knowledge from the University of Jos and University of Uyo as well as the Nigerian Law School, Lagos, where he braved the odds and denied himself the comfort of the moment, confident that a better future was in the offing.

He has invested considerable time to service and has in one swoop served under three local government Chairmen as Personal Assistant, one of which he also doubled as Chairman of Revenue Mobilization Committee, in addition to working as a Legislative Assistant; an exposure that has adequately put him on the advantaged

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