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2weeks Ultimatum: Evacuate Ibeno Water or be ready… – Niger Delta Avengers Warn Exxon Mobil

Niger Delta Avengers
Niger Delta Avengers

Information has it that Niger Delta Avengers has forwarded a letter of Ultimatum to ExxonMobil Nigeria to evacuate it region within two weeks or be ready to hear from them.

Though we are not certain weather ExxonMobil Nigeria has received this letter or not.

ExxonMobil Nigeria is a Multinational Oil and Gas Company in Nigeria and the company’s platform is located in Ibeno Water along the Gulf of Guinea in Akwa Ibom State, though the company’s head office is in Lagos.

Just Last week, The Nigerian Government had a meeting with Ex Militants and issues concerning security of Oil and Gas Pipelines were discussed and the federal government expressed it willingness to sign a new contract with the Militants so to secure Oil and Gas pipelines in The Niger Delta but in response to this promise, The Niger Delta Avengers said they don’t need any further contracts from the Nigerian Government, that all the want is their freedom to form a country of their own.

The current administration of President Mohammadu Buhari is really suffering a setback as a result of this effect and the President is doing everything possible to manage the situation. It is not yet certain as to if the Federal Government has put up a structure to avert this Ultimatum given to ExxonMobil Nigeria by the Militants.

The Nigerian Military had sent four War Ships to Niger Delta so to control the situation and the military claim they have been able to capture few of the Militants.

Culled from https://ubongblog.wordpress.com/2016/05/30/akwa-ibom-niger-delta-avengers-serves-exxonmobil-two-weeks-ultimatum-to-evacuate-ibeno-water/

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