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2019 and How APC will deceive Nsima Ekere again – Former APC Chieftain

A former chieftain of the APC in the state Chief Imo Udoima has said that Nsima Ekere, the NDDC Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer will be deceived by the APC power brokers in 2019 as he would not be allowed to survive the political hurdles up to primaries level in his Party(APC).

Dropping his comments on a WhatsApp online platform group last week considered as a bombshell by many political commentators, Udo Ima said, “I am told that Obong Nsima Ekere who currently is the MD/CEO of NDDC will fly the APC flag and contest against Deacon Udom Emmanuel of PDP.
“I have seen some lightweight Politicians defect from PDP; the Party that made them to APC, the lying Party that will bury their carrier all because of Ekere’s appointment. I have seen and heard so many things but like I also tell people, Truth is what will prevail come 2019.

“I have it on good record that Obong Nsima Ekere has concluded plans to take Rt.Hon Emmanuel Ukoette as his deputy which is why Gani defected some weeks ago to APC.
“I don’t see what others see…While others have concluded that Nsima Ekere will be the flagbearer of APC come 2019, I stand here to tell us that Nsima Ekere will not even get to the level of participating in the Party Primaries…abiba nte film tricks but watch out”.
The young chief said he had been complacent for some times now as regards political events, issues and passing comments but that had got to listen to what the spirit says concerning 2019.
Hear hm,”For sometimes now, I had decided to give myself a break and listen to what the spirit have to say concerning 2019 Governorship elections in Akwa Ibom State. I am so refreshed right now because I have heard “RIGHTLY” and I heard from my RIGHT ear. I am not a selfish person and as such I will share it with us all”.
He however predicted victory (second term)for governor Udom Emmanuel based on what he called “many factors” that will be in his favour. Chief Udoima alias the duke of Uyo stated thus, “Udom on the other hand will win again for his second term. This is because so many factors have agreed and favoured him.
“Uyo Senatorial District, which has the highest number of votes will give him bloc votes..This is because, with Udom, Uyo Senatorial District (USD) has just 4 years to wait and then take over governorship in 2023.. without Udom, USD will have to wait for 12 years before tasting power again…I am hearing God forbid…”

He continued, “With Udom, Peace has return[ed]to the State and Akwa Ibomites are not ready to return back to Egypt should some other fellow takes over. Majority of Politicians in APC from USD will support Udom’s candidacy not minding Party line…This, I am not guessing but telling us authoritatively.

Udoima spoke in glowing terms in support of governor Udom’s effort in moving Akwa Ibom State forward. “Udom is silently working and even the worst critic of this Government can testify to that…
“I have heard people say that Chief Clement Isong of blessed memory couldn’t get his second term and that Udom who also is from Onna will not succeed also…May I remind you that Udom is not Isong..1983 is not 2019..The Ibibios will not and can never stand and watch its[their]son humiliated..not Possible.
May I also remind you that Ikot Ekpene Senatorial District will come out en-mass to return Udom Emmanuel as Governor come 2019”.

He alleged that “Nsima Ekere as the MD/CEO of NDDC is yet to bring any developmental project in the State. The few NDDC projects going on in the State was awarded by the Rivers Woman who was his predecessor. She paid for the contracts fully before she left”.

Udoima warned doubting Thomases to rest assure that he was not kidding them as his calculations would not fail. Udoima concluded, “For those who see before they believe, Take it to the bank, Udom will win again come 2019 even if he campaigns or not”.

In a related open letter to governor Udom Emmanuel, Udoima prayed God to imbue the governor with the wisdom of Solomon so that he leads with the fear of God. He admonished the governor to close ranks and collapsed the thin line between Akpabi, OBA and Udom boys, release inter-ministerial jobs, gather and bring back the experienced political generals and put his house in order “before it gets worst”.

By Ephraim Ikpe

(C) The Waves Newspaper

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