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2015: PDP Must Beware Of Ribadu !!!


Why PDP Must Beware Of Ribadu  The news of the decision of Mallam Nuhu Ribadu to dump the All Progressives Congress (APC) for the Peoples democratic Party(PDP) came as a rude shock to a lot of people, not with the way he had condemned the PDP and its leader, Goodluck Jonathan since he decided to join the political firmament some years back.

It actually did not come as a shock to many of us that are aware of his desperation for power. Since his voyage into politics, Nigerians have come to know him more for who he is. This is why his decision to abandon the APC from where he got the presidential nomination from one of its component parties (Action Congress of Nigeria ACN) raised a lot of concern for the future of ideology in our democracy considering the fact that his acerbic criticisms in the course of satisfying his former party gave a lot of people cause to tow his line then, especially his admirers. Politics as they say, is a game of interest and I do believe that the decision of Mallam Ribadu to dump the APC boils down to an interest which is very glaring to Nigerians.

As a person and through my organisation which I represent as the national coordinator, the Niger Delta Renaissance Organisation, I have persistently supported the Peoples Democratic Party PDP and it will be wrong to see an impending danger and keep quiet. This is why I must not fail to voice my suspicion about Ribadu’s rumoured interest for the governorship race for Adamawa State and to also alert the party to beware of his interest and not to give in to his antics. I remember the way he was hounded and chased out of the country after the administration of Chief Olusegun Obasanjo whom he diligently served as anti corruption Czar. The likes of James Ibori whom he haunted took the fight to another level by ensuring that he seeks refuge outside the country.

It took the intervention of President Jonathan to bring him back to the country. As soon as he came back, the gratitude he showed to Mr. President was to follow the likes of Bola Tinubu and the then Action Congress of Nigeria to consistently criticise the ruling PDP and its leader. The dividend he got for this betrayal was the party’s nomination ticket to vie for the presidency. His decision to join the Peoples Democratic Party must be well appraised otherwise he will come back to become a thorn in the flesh of the party if he is allowed to contest the forthcoming governorship election in Adamawa State. Mallam Ribadu is a desperate politician who does not give a hoot about his credibility.

All he is after is to be relevant in the system. This kind of character is dangerous and must not be allowed to have his way. Nwokoma Messiah wrote in from Port Harcourt

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