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AS the state moves towards the 2015 gubernatorial election,the candidacy of Obong Nsima Ekere,former deputy governor
and the only gazetted acting governor on records in the annals of the political history
of the state, becomes very interesting.

There’s no doubt that for the 2015 race,this political planner,thinker and strategist,humanist,accomplished professional of international magnitude,is the leading
contender and by the grace of God, he shall be elected and returned as the next governor
of the state.

A veritable campaign expert,Nsima Ekere is among those rare breed politicians,whose tribe is on the decline except our politics
undergoes a conscious revolution to become issue-based.

A man at home with public campaign and who likes to deal with issues,and who hopes
that Akwa Ibom people will remember that it’s Nsima Ekere,as Chairman of AKIIPOC, that conceived the idea of setting up at least one industry in each of the local government area
in the state but unfortunately,the vision was thrown away with his exit from government as Deputy Governor. As Deputy Governor,he had thought of and he is still committed to
partnering with the relevant agencies of the government to bring back the ailing ALSCON
to life with a view to reviving the socio-economic life of the people of the state .

That’s the mark of a statesman,a public spirited and a thinking politician.
Therefore, it’s important to that as an unassuming and great politician and patriot
in his own right,part of the reasons for the interest of the former deputy governor in the
2015 gubernatorial election in the state is to make the people of the state truly prosperous . In his words,”we have built the infrastructure,now we have to build the people”.He believes, like many well meaning Akwa Ibom people,that zoning and rotation of the governorship of the state would strengthen our democracy through peace,fairness and equity to all people and parts of the state and for daring to tell the
powers -that -be that power has to shift to the Eket Senatorial District at a time when anti-
zoning crusade was more or less a state policy and it was a treasonable offence for anybody
to talk about zoning.Patriots like Nsima Ekere have been vindicated by the current stance of the state governor,Chief Akpabio,upholding the zoning policy as enshrined in the party

Nsima Ekere is a walking encyclopedia of Akwa Ibom politics and a man reverred much across the length and breadth of the state .

He is well vested with the people of the state .In the past two decades, he’s been quietly building, oiling and sustaining
relationships, affiliations and associations with different classes of people across the
state . He has been assisting and developing thousands of people in the state without fan

The name,Nsima Ekere is an household name in all parts of the state . It’s on the lips of
every person in the state . Like him or not, you cannot dismiss him as a paper weight in
the politics of the state . Little wonder, many, including his co-aspirants ,have come to see him as a candidate to watch in the race.

His vision and mission to take the state next to the level of development is well appreciated by the people of the state.Undoubtedly, he has the capacity to give the state a new deal and he has developed a
practicable blueprint for the radical development of the state .
It’s therefore in the interest of the people of the state to give
him a chance to give state a new deal.

Written by Iniobong John

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