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2015: Why They are Afraid of UMANA OKON UMANA – By Effiong Essien, Uyo

There is uncommon fear of Umana Okon Okon within the uncommon
administration in Akwa Ibom State. The fear has shown up in all kinds of form and action. The uncommon administration has enlisted the help of Abuja to cope with the fear. They have resorted to lies and every manner of trick in their bag to contain the fear. But the fear won’t go away. It has become like their skin. It goes with them wherever they go.

Contacts within the intelligence community in Akwa Ibom indicate that the fear has reached fever pitch. My intelligence contacts point to desperate measures as evidence of this uncommon fear.
I asked, Why the fear? They said the uncommon administration is afraid because Umana combines the milk of human kindness with unparalleled competence, capacity, experience and a special gift of leadership. They said the fear is that this constitutes unbeatable combination because they have no candidate that can match what Umana brings to the table: A special heart and a unique mind.

The explanation from the intelligence community makes it crystal clear. It puts things in perspectives. It is those who are afraid that seek extra help. They went to Abuja for help outside the constitution. Now that is unravelling, so they return to their well-worn trick of cheap lies and blackmail. That too will fail.

The self delusion of a family dynasty is collapsing. Soon Akwa Ibom people will memorise it with an epitaph.

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